Owl Case


Athene noctua, commonly known at the little owl, was the beloved bird of Athena. In Greek mythology, Athena was known as the goddess of wisdom. The owl was intrinsically linked to this virtue due to her patronage.

These crocheted owl snap cases store small items. You can keep your earphones, IDs, or anything else that measures approximately 4″x3″ in this adorable case.


Yarn Bombing


#Yarn bombing has become a creative sensation since 2005. We discovered this #craft in Scottsdale, an artistic community in Arizona. People use leftover yarn to knit or crochet a patchwork piece that typically have vibrant colors. This public installation is found at The Lab in Costa Mesa. We love the collaborative nature of these community projects and hope you have an opportunity to participate.


Kate Spade

tumblr_npple5Lfxw1rpua4to1_500“She carries caramels in her handbag to be shared as an expression of goodwill. (Sometimes she eats them all herself.)” -Kate Spade




“Yes, that’s it,” said the Hatter with a sigh: “it’s always tea-time…”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland