Lessons from My Garden

KalanchoeCalifornia is known for its eternal sunshine. This close-up perspective of the Kalanchoe flower buds shows new growth. When you have a home-grown garden, you notice all the changes that the soil produces. From lush spring florals to dormant winters, nature shows a variety of transitions.

As we begin 2015, I like to remember that our lives, too, will be marked by the seasons. I recently spent some time in the garden reflecting on the paths of life. It is important to consider the roads we have taken and the ones we want to follow. When we succeed or fail, it is wise to remember that these are temporal experiences. We can’t control these events, but we can manage our outlook. Abraham Lincoln said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” In a season of new beginnings, we can remember that these lessons can help us blossom into renewed individuals.


Arizona Backyard

Arizona Backyard

“Arizona Backyard”

by Cindy

Walking across campus

I smell orange blossoms

and climb again orange trees from childhood.

I pick ripe fruit

and throw it to my sister.

The chickens stay away

hoping we won’t find their eggs.

Easter comes more than once year.

“Gather the eggs for breakfast, Girls,”

Mom shouts through the kitchen window.

I continue walking past the trees,

toward my car.