Lavender Body Mist

wpid-20141209_003501-1-2.jpgAfter a long day, nothing soothes the senses like a splash of lavender. Egyptians also used oils as a base to create perfumes.[1] The pleasant aroma saturated rooms. Oil was placed in a pomade which was shaped into a cone.[2] They put it on top of an Egyptian’s head mainly at banquets. Throughout the event, the cone would melt and release fragrance. By the end of the night, scented oil would have been dripping down the sides of one’s face and was absorbed in the clothing. Perfume was an integral part of Egyptian society and was used by all classes.[3]

Inspired by this history, we created a simple homemade body mist. Mix 4oz. of water and 24 drops of lavender essential oil. You can purchase the oil at specialty grocery stores like Sprouts and Whole Foods Market. We spruced up this fragrance by adding a sprig of real lavender and created a hand-drawn label.

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