Laguna Woods History Center

The Laguna Woods History Center is working on a Community Oral History Project. Jennifer and Cindy are interviewing leaders to collect and protect this history. These oral histories are transcribed and indexed with Oral History Meta Syncronizer. You can view the collection on the LWHC’s YouTube page as well. Please see the completed interviews below.

OH01_Morris Meadow_Video
OH01_Morris Meadow_Recording Log
OH01_Morris Meadow_Transcript
OH01_Morris Meadow_OHMS

OH02_Evelyn Shopp Video
OH02_Evelyn Shopp Transcript
OH02 Evelyn Shopp Recording Log
OH02_Evelyn Shopp OHMS
OH 03 Bob Ring Video
OH 03_Bob Ring Transcript
OH03_Bob Ring_Recording Log
OH 03 Bob Ring OMHS

OH 04 Robert Merritt Video
OH 04_Rob Merritt_Transcript

OH 04_Rob Merritt_Recording Log
OH 04 Robert Merritt OHMS

OH 05 Myra Neben Video

OH 05 Myra Neben Transcript

OH 05 Myra Neben Recording Log

OH 05 Myra Neben OHMS