The Richard Nixon Museum asked CSUF graduate students to create a prospective centennial exhibit in 2013. Jennifer designed an interactive Title IX Exhibit PowerPoint presentation with primary source videos and oral history clips. This presentation was given to the director of the museum along with a list of additional resources.

Cindy and Jennifer implemented an oral history program titled “Over the Bridge” at the Balboa Island Museum & Historical Society (BIMHS) in 2014. As part of the final installation of this project, Cindy created highlight reels that were installed in a viewing station. The institution now has four videos which appeal to a wide audience and can be referenced by the docent led tours.

As the Museum Director of BIMHS, Jennifer trains the docents in the history of the area. She enhanced the volunteer manuals to better support their day-to-day efforts when providing information to our local to international guests. She helped develop Educational Programming for the museum. They currently offer Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts curriculum sponsored by this organization. The museum offers dynamic group tours for small to large organizations. As they continue to grow as an institution, Jennifer secures financial partnerships, writes grants, and manages the membership. She created a high school and university internship program.The students help run the education programs and manage the archive database.

Jennifer was invited to deliver a public presentation on WWII fashion at the Fullerton Public Library in October 2014. The presentation “Bombshells: Feminism, Fashion, and Factories” explored how women experienced a shift in social identity by their clothing, home-life, and workplace during the war. Fashion evoked these progressions and physically manifested this ideology. Women’s pants, in particular, evidenced a change in gender roles on the home front. This presentation was part of a series of lectures that were given by two CSUF professors on WWII topics.

The California Association of Museum developed a six month research collaborative groups. The Orange County group studied audiences. They conducted a case study at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. This handbook contains the finding and will be distributed statewide.

Radio is a great medium to showcase a variety of institutions. Jennifer was a guest at the California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) Titan Radio Show: {ism} Radio show 3/25/2014. She discussed her research on WWII women. Keil also participated in KUCI’s Vintage Orange show in November 2016 sharing the history of Balboa Island.

Jennifer enjoys sharing her museum experiences in webinars. The History Department at California State University, Fullerton hosted Careers in History Webinar – Museums and History Centers in May 2017 to showcase professionals in the field. She participated as a panel member in October 2015 for the CSUF Careers in History Webinar – Public History.