about usFounders, Jennifer and Cindy, grew up in a bibliophile household. At the young ages of two and five, American and British literature was read to them as bedtime stories. They remember Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Chopin’s The Awakening, and Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. They were inspired by these works and wrote their own. As five and eight year olds, they had an interest in learning how to crochet and make crafts. This grew into a passion for designing jewelry, clothes, and even pet accessories. As adults, they wanted to curate a line of handcrafted goods that would share stories.

Chisme Chick (C.C.) creates and curates stories. They offer oral history, public history, editing, and design services. The products are handmade in the ☆ U.S.A. Their studio is located in California. The company’s name is even a literary device, an alliteration, and emphasizes their love of foreign languages. Chisme (chees-meh) Chick is a bilingual term that refers to a person who likes to talk. As artisans, they create pieces which contain a narrative based on a quote from classic books or historical references. Their products are sustainable and can be custom-made. You can co-create your piece with Chisme Chick by selecting from the color chart. How will you share your story?

We are looking for other people who like to Share Chisme, so consider sending us an article, poem, short story, decor idea, art piece, or blog post. So let’s talk about history, literature, art, film, music, fashion, horticulture, interior design, and crafts!

JENNIFER is passionate about sharing culturally significant information. She completed her M.A. in Public and Oral History. She focused on the WWII home front experiences and the postwar consumer society. When searching through digital and physical archives, she uncovers content which demonstrates the varied roles that men and women have performed– from entrepreneurs, soldiers, to homemakers. She serves as the California Delegate for the Southwest Oral History Association and created their news blog.



CINDY received an M.A. in English and specialized in creative writing. Her research interests include communities and objects. Her posts focus on literary references, music, film, and crafts. An avid musician, Cindy plays the ukulele (acoustic and electric), banjo, and guitar.