Our Story

Chisme Chick (C.C.) creates and curates stories. As William Shakespeare stated in Henry IV, “There is a history in all men’s lives.” Founders, Jennifer and Cindy, grew up in a bibliophile household. The company’s name is even a literary device, an alliteration, and emphasizes their love of foreign languages. Chisme (chees-meh) Chick is a bilingual term that refers to a person who likes to communicate. As curators, we help you craft your narrative. Contact us to learn more about these services!

We are looking for other people who like to Share Chisme, so consider sending us an article, poem, short story, decor idea, art piece, or blog post. So let’s talk about history, literature, art, film, music, fashion, horticulture, interior design, and crafts!

JENNIFER completed her M.A. in Public and Oral History. Her research focused on the WWII home front experiences and the postwar consumer society. As a history consultant, she specializes in archives, exhibition, and digitization using best practices. She serves as the 1st Vice President for the Southwest Oral History Association and created their news blog.

CINDY received an M.A. in English. She specialized in creative writing. Her research interests include communities and objects. She is currently working on an ongoing community oral history project. As an editor, she uses her literary training to improve popular, trade, and scholarly work. She also submits her creative writing pieces to publications.


70 Degrees now offers our archive, preserve, exhibit, and design services. According to the National Archives,  70° Fahrenheit is the preferred temperature that is optimal for the preservation of artifacts.