Retro Objects//Hidden Narratives


“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”

― Rudyard Kipling, The Collected Works

Vintage styled images can be mnemonic devices to help us recall our past. A single object can generate a flood of memories. It is a shared collective past. These textbooks may remind you of your own academic journey. The titles are the following: Modern Business English, Democracy in America, and High School English Grammar. They are relics of shared classroom experiences.

This photo, taken at a recent shoot, is a throwback to the past. History is a rustic land filled with mystery that antiquarians desire to preserve. This image is a perfect desktop or tablet background. We hope you, too, share our sentiment that we can rejuvenate the past by interacting with its objects. Perhaps you can share this photo with a fellow bibliophile.

Here at Chisme Chick, we have curated collections of objects that connect to history and literature. From our fiber arts to handcrafted jewelry line, each object contains a unique story. We believe that you, too, also have a hidden narrative that can be coaxed with objects. This is why we commission quality, handmade pieces that aid your daily conversations with friends and even strangers. Why not purchase a product that contains a fascinating story? Life is an adventure. Let’s celebrate it by selecting goods that represent us as we share what we cherish.


Hydrangea Hues

wpid-img_20140603_084146.jpgThese home-grown pink hydrangeas are the perfect burst of color for a centerpiece. The popular flower grows in a bush with an array of pink to blue hues. This picture features an antique double-handle sugar bowl which has been repurposed as a vase. It has been a great conversation piece during afternoon teas.


Gossip Bench

Gossip Bench_square

This antique gossip bench is one of our heirloom gifts. We used to have a functioning rotary phone on it. It’s a place where we’ve also written cards and worked on crafts. Currently it has Laura Ingalls Wilder’s novel collection, a pair of lace gloves, and a small floral arrangement tied with gold ribbon resting on this mahogany piece.