Summer Travels

Coin Purses

Before my story takes a further pace,

It seems a reasonable thing to say

What their condition was, the full array

Of each of them, as it appeared to me,

According to profession and degree,

And what apparel they were riding in. (The Canterbury Tales, 36-41)

Summer travels! Our Canterbury Collection leather coin purses are a perfect way to store your treasures collected on your journey. These colors were inspired from some of Chaucer’s characters. Choose from the Knight (Black), the Pardoner (White), the Merchant (Brown), the Shipman (Teal), and the Scholar (Green). Customize the drawstring from an assortment of leather or tan suede.


Canterbury Collection


These leather, handcrafted coin purses are a great way to carry your small items or gift a jewelry piece! They are a part of our Canterbury Collection. We offer an array of colors including the Pardoner (White), the Scholar (Green), the Merchant (Brown), the Knight (Black), and the Shipman (Teal).