National Coffee Day


Happy National Coffee Day! Since we love coffee and books so much, we want to give you an opportunity to win two bibliophile bookmarks that were dipped in a medium roast brew. To win: 1. Follow us on one of our social media accounts. If you are already following us, you too, can win. 2. Tell us your favorite type of coffee by midnight tonight (pacific time). Please go to for more info about the contest rules. We will message the winner daily.


Live Long and Prosper


“Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.” – Spock

Star Trek is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Leonard Nimoy developed the concept of the “Live long and prosper” hand gesture for the Vulcan people based on his personal cultural/religious experience. You can learn more about his story by visiting @Yiddish_Book_Center ‘s website to view his oral history.


The Old Man and the Sea



“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea, written by Ernest Hemingway, was first published in LIFE Magazine on September 1st, 1952. When you visit Austin, Texas, be sure to visit BookPeople, an amazing independent bookstore. They sell a cup of coffee named after Hemingway which is fashioned after his rhetoric since the brew is bold.


Afternoon Bike Ride


It was a perfect spring day for an afternoon bike ride. The scenery reminded us of something out of a Beatrix Potter book. The handmade crocheted messenger bag that is cascading out of the wicker basket is lined with bunny illustration material. We purchased custard-filled baked goods and handcrafted coffee from our favorite local shops. As we sipped an Ethiopian brew, we discussed the simple pleasures of life. wpid-20150331_162300.jpg

These pictures were taken at one of our favorite parks where ducks and geese roam freely. They kindly approached us as we sat on a bench underneath a rustling tree. Potter’s story about Jemima Puddle-Duck almost came to life with these animated creatures. We reminisced about these darling tales that we read to each other out of pocket-sized books as children. Life, indeed, can be like a story. Let’s find daily beauty in the small things and never stop exploring.


Panama 66


Thomas Jefferson declared in 1824 that coffee is “the favorite drink of the civilized world.” It’s hard to resist the charm of this delicious beverage. It offers a full-bodied experience with the array of brews. Balboa Park San Diego provides a variety of museums and cultural experiences. At the San Diego Museum of Art, their restaurant Panama 66 offers many delicious options. We opted for some homemade banana bread and Dark Horse French Pressed coffee. The first sip of coffee had a bold, crisp taste. We recommend this experience for a coffee aficionado. The outdoor seating gave a great view of the sunset and access to sweet-sounding bells ringing in the short distance. It’s truly the Cultural Heart of San Diego.


Sweet Things


“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”
-T. S. Eliot

Chisme Chick is passionate about sweet things. From coffee to cupcakes, we love making scrumptious goods. This Valentine’s Day display features some of our handcrafted bracelets and arrowhead necklaces. These are perfect gifts for your Valentine.


Gift Wrap

gift wrap

Chisme Chick is now offering gift wrap options for our array of products. These handmade tags were dipped in coffee to provide a rustic look and soft aroma. You can customize a handwritten script message that is tied with twine. We can also add a touch from our garden with freshly cut leaves or a sprig of lavender.