Americana Necklace


Eureka! (The state motto of California) Inspired by explorers who charted vast lands, our wooden state necklace can be a memento to remember your own journey. Be charmed and collect these state pendants. They are hand-wrapped in wire and have a gold plated clasp to add onto your favorite bracelet or necklace. We offer every state which varies in size and is approximately one inch long. You can purchase your home state or places you’ve visited. The charm comes with a 18kt. gold filled chain that measures 18 in.




This San Juan Capistrano Obsidian arrowhead pendant was designed with gold craft wire. The natural stone captures the light. Black Obsidian, a volcanic rock, is believed to have been used in designing primitive mirrors and tools. You can now wear this symbol of early society to connect with ancient lifestyles.

Obsidian arrowhead pendants are available for purchase at the Chisme Chick Etsy shop.